Website Upgrade

August 9, 2011

Generally, I've used the blog as an information point and not a sales pitch but I cut a deal with one of my clients, Wiccle, to provide a cheaper licence for those who want to upgrade their website.

Wiccle, for those who have never heard of it, is a Content Management System (CMS) provider. It allows for dynamic, fully functional websites with complete editing facilitates. One of the biggest selling points of Wiccle CMS above anything else is the inbuilt SEO. For those who work in a marketing function, one of the biggest headaches is trying to get your site with top ranking on Google or worse still, trying to explain to a non internet savvy manager, that you cannot simply buy your place on it!

All of the sites using the Wiccle CMS sees a significant jump in ranking and therefore in traffic. The stats speak for themselves. Have a look at  Wiccle Showcase for more details.

For those with a current website with limited functionality, Wiccle will convert your site to their system for only Euro 600 (ex vat).

I cannot praise this software enough, I've used it as a customer and seen the stats (increase in genuine web traffic by 150% in less than a year). I continue to use the CMS for clients.

I'm planning on launching a second identical blog using Wiccle and providing the stats after a 6 month period to prove its power.
For more information or a demo, get in touch with me, blog(at)sixdegrees(dot)ie.

Disclaimer: I've already pointed out above but just to be clear, I do represent Wiccle in a professional capacity. But as with all other clients, I only represent companies I truly believe in and this software is one
has proven results.

Eric Hennelly Flanagan, Six Degrees
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