Old Advertisements

August 30, 2011

In the words of Moby, We've come along way baby.

But have we?

Advertising has developed at an astonishing rate and of course regulations have tried to keep pace.

Of course we laugh at the silliness and non p.c. manner of these adverts of old but we do need to look at how we advertise today.

While the adverts below may have stereotyped women as simple domestic beings, since then there has been a trend to basically falsify images and create unachievable aims, again targeted towards women.

Even the so called beautiful women of the world are having every flaw air brushed and fixed to provide the perfect canvass on which products can be sold. If the gorgeous elite are not pretty enough to be seen unedited in magazines, then the mere mortals who are being targeted by the advertisers have no chance.

It would be nice to see advertising become somewhat real and sell the product for what it is and not what you wish it could be.
It is true that aspiration sells but aspiration should be something that is not only achievable but also real.
Though I cannot see the global cosmetics market using the "You could look like this famous celebrity if you use our product and have your photo airbrushed". 

It doesn't really scream "buy me!" does it?!


Eric Hennelly Flanagan, Six Degrees
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